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About The Law Offices Of Mark A. Zimmerman

A Bankruptcy Law Firm That Takes A Collaborative Approach To Every Case

When you come to our office you will be greeted by our friendly and attentive office staff. Several members of our talented office staff are multilingual and fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

At the Law Offices of Mark A. Zimmerman, you will find a lawyer and office staff that not only works  together as a team, but will also take the time to be familiar with your file. Each staff member will play a key roll in every aspect of preparing your petition from beginning to end.

Mark Zimmerman is a personable attorney with a good sense of humor and ability to speak calmly and directly with everyone. He is enthusiastic about helping clients out and will go to great lengths in preparing to handle your case. He will not only appear with you at court, but will also provide post bankruptcy counseling and direction.

Legal Representation With Accommodations For Your Personal Needs

Our clients find our firm to be conveniently located in Hanford, Visalia and Delano, California. We provide the same services as do many firms located in larger metropolitan areas. At the same time, our firm has a great reputation for being friendly and helpful toward its clients. Many of our clients first came to our office based upon the recommendations of others. Our staff is prompt about returning your calls and always makes certain that we are available to speak with you.

The majority of our clients are referred to us from previous clients whom we have helped. We are family friendly, helpful and warm. We are ready to go the extra mile for you!

Our staff is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese. We do everything in our power to accommodate our handicapped, disabled and special needs visitors. Understanding the financial restraints that many of our clients are under, we do what we can to keep our retainer fees down and offer a number of payment options. We will handle your matter from beginning to end.

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