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Bankruptcy For Individuals With Small Businesses

It’s extremely difficult for business owners to protect their assets. Besides assets in the company being at stake, small-business owners may also need to be concerned that creditors will go after their personal assets as well. It’s important for you to understand the exemptions that you have available to you and what other steps are necessary to prevent asset loss should your business be facing hard times.

The Law Offices of Mark A. Zimmerman can provide you with all of your business bankruptcy options. When necessary, attorney Zimmerman can steer you toward the best form of business bankruptcy protection to fit your particular circumstances. Our goal is to help you hold onto your business assets, provide you with a fresh start and help you restore your credit so that you can continue doing business in the future.

A Lawyer Helping Businesses Recover

If financial worries have you thinking about shutting down your place of business, you are not alone. The agricultural workers in the California counties of Tulare and Kings have financially suffered since 2008. We’ve been seeing large numbers of citrus, corn and dairy operations close due to the economic downturn. Lawyer Mark Zimmerman would like to see this trend come to a close by helping small businesses in central California financially recover.

Not many individuals understand that small businesses in certain circumstances can file for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy in the same manner as individual filers. The challenges that businesses face could allow creditors to seize company assets to satisfy the debts that the business owes. When facing asset seizure, care will need to be taken to make certain that the correct bankruptcy option is taken. In certain situations, a Chapter 7 filing may be the best solution in helping you rebuild your credit. In other circumstances, the business may wish to go with a Chapter 13 filing so that certain otherwise nonexempt assets can be held onto.

Mark Zimmerman is an extremely personable attorney who can speak to you frankly about your circumstances. Besides providing you with a fresh start, his advice and counsel can help you succeed in the long run.

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