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Filing Bankruptcy In Hanford And Visalia

The Law Offices of Mark A. Zimmerman has provided bankruptcy and debt relief services for thousands of individuals and businesses in Hanford, Visalia and now Delano, California. When lawyer Mark Zimmerman files bankruptcy documents for you, he is relieving you of the stress of having to deal with your creditors. Mark can also provide you with debt management advice and other legal options.

The Advantages Of Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a complex area of law. Bankruptcy is a viable option in many circumstances if you have found yourself facing overwhelming personal debt from credit cards, medical bills, payday loans, etc. However, there are different forms of bankruptcy that must be considered when dealing with this debt.

The most common forms of bankruptcy include Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings. These can be defined as follows:

Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows for you under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code to discharge, with certain exceptions, all unsecured debt that is in your name. In most instances, your possessions will be protected from creditors using various bankruptcy exemptions.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is defined by Black’s Law Dictionary as a part of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code which allows an individual’s earnings “to be collected by a trustee and paid to creditors by means of a court-approved debt repayment plan if the person has a regular income.” When filing Chapter 13, you are allowed to propose a plan that could reduce the balance you owe or a longer period of time to pay off your debt.

Is Bankruptcy The Best Option For You?

Depending upon the circumstances, one particular form of bankruptcy may be best for you. For example, when your debt is chiefly unsecured, Chapter 7 bankruptcy may under specific circumstances allow you to escape from that debt. On the other hand, when you are facing money levies, earning withholdings, foreclosures, trustee sales or repossession of a vehicle with arrearages or back payments owed, Chapter 13 bankruptcy could allow you to create a payment plan that will allow you to deal with these circumstances.

Whether it is through bankruptcy or other debt-relief options, the Law Offices of Mark A. Zimmerman can help you make the right determination by analyzing your entire financial situation. Mark Zimmerman will provide you with clear direction and hope for your future after bankruptcy.

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